Post Kickstarter!

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This is Oscar. The Big Orange Office Manager (aka BOOMer). He’s in charge.

He says hats will be shipped on Monday. Pronto.


There is no such thing as “post” Kickstarter. It feels like we’re just getting started. And, that’s a great thing! This would not be happening without your support and cheering. We feel the momentum and it’s very, very good.

The Kickstarter rewards are being organized for shipping. Hats go out on Monday. DVDs are arriving any day and will be shipped promptly. Other rewards are close behind and will be shipped by end of March. If you are naming a foal, I plan on making pictures of your foals while in Athens. You’ll be hearing from me.

We are headed to Athens, Ohio in April for more filming. I will share news and pictures as the trip unfolds. Please keep your fingers crossed for a special opportunity we are hoping will happen to advance the storytelling about the foals. I believe in planets aligning themselves for things that are meant to happen. It’s a crucial part of the story and a missing link. Think good thoughts!

The topic of the nurse mare foals is getting out there, folks. No doubt about it. It’s equal parts scary and welcoming. I know there are chat boards about this documentary. While I’m not engaging them, the comments do provide good information. My intent is to start a conversation about accountability, practice and potential change. The animals deserve better. I aim to quell the defensiveness that often arises and start the conversations to help the horse, nurse mare and her foal. The haters gonna hate. Someone said that… 😉

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So, stay tuned. Lots ahead and I am very gracious for your support. Best to all.