“Does this bag make my butt look big?”

Oscar helps.


Cats. They always help the situation. Or maybe not. Thing is, this one is always in the middle of things when packing is involved. And, I am packing!

We are heading to Athens, Ohio in about 12 hours (oh hello, 4am PCT!) to do more filming – perhaps the last that’s needed to complete a huge chunk of this endeavor.

At the moment, there are 20+ foals at Last Chance Corral being readied for adoption. Victoria, some of her crew and four foals will be at Equine Affair in Columbus, Ohio on April 9-12 at the Expo Center. If you are anywhere nearby, stop by and say hello.

I will post pictures on the Born to Die Facebook page and my Instagram – @suelmorrow –  throughout the trip.

Reward updates:

Expecting screen savers? We’ll be making new pictures during the trip. I’ll send out late April as soon as they are edited.

Expecting a picture of “Name your foal”? I have heard from most of you who gave at $250-$500 reward level. If you haven’t sent me a name, please do.

Thank you again for all your support. I feel it!

Best to all.