Month: July 2015

You named these foals!

One of the missions during our April trip to Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio was to name several foals for Kickstarter contributors. They each supplied a name and some offered a story behind the name. We are pleased to share them here.

Annabell Bogart Difiore J2 Jed McCrea Milo Pendragon Phoenix Rainbow Stanley

During our two-week trip I was able to join Victoria (LCC’s founder) on two trips to Kentucky to pick up foals, which is always an eye opening experience. I continue to learn more about this topic as I meet more horse folk. It’s encouraging to see first hand that the people I met areĀ concerned about the lives of these babies and they are making efforts to create good lives for them.

Foal season is over, but Last Chance Corral continues to do heroic work with adult horse in need the remainder of the year. To learn more about them go to lastchancecorral.orgĀ or look for their Facebook page.

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